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  • CAPAX Smart Marine Engineering – Investment project in upgrade of services

    The CAPAX SME is investment project co-financed by EU regional development funds, with total value of 1,59 Mil €.

    The project includes:
     - Construction of new headquarter in Šibenik,
     - Installation of 4,500 HP (3,344 kW) Water Brake Dynamometer in SCT Marina & Yacht Service Center,
     - Establishing Complete In-Service Oil Analysis Laboratory in Šibenik,
     - Staff training and expanding number and type of services that CAPAX can offer on global market.

    The project started on 9/9/2016 with duration of 24 months.

    Project title:
    CAPAX Smart Marine Engineering
    Project reference: KK.
    Short project description:
    Investment project in raising of CAPAX competitiveness.
    Goals and results: 
    Raising competitiveness and technology readiness of CAPAX for local and foreign business operations.
    Total project value:
    11,932,678.00 HRK
    Project duration:
    from 9/9/2016 to 9/9/2018
    Contact person:
    Mario Baljkas, mario@capax.hr

    The content of this release is sole responsibility of CAPAX Ltd.

    Capax Brochure

    Capax EU Brochure